Monday, March 2, 2009

60 & 61 Audrey

I have a couple pictures on my phone from 58 & 59 but I don't feel like uploading them :p

Sunday Will and I were out and about and we found this lil girl! We had to bring her home, I know you are thinking we are crazy but I couldn't see something happening to her :( We've started crate training her and it is going well :) We plan on doing EVERYTHING by the book this time, we are following a STRICT schedule and plan on putting her in puppy training classes in a couple weeks :)

She has already fallen in love with the kids and vice versa! If she sees them she cries until she can be with them. it is quite sweet! Aurora can say Audrey perfectly! She also gets along great with my Lily Bear, which I am happy because Lily needed a friend :)
This puppy LOVES him

They love each other :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

56 & 57/365 PREGO lady

Hubby LOVES USC football

57/365 26 weeks darlin!
26 weeks today!

and since I haven't had one of lil man in a while :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

yeah so i am sucking at this blogging thing :p 53, 54, 55/365

53 He hates having his picture taken!
he hates having his picture taken

54/365 My little angel!
coloring away

55/365 YIKES! being broke that totally sucks! Does anyone need a wedding photographer???

Saturday, February 21, 2009

50 & 51/365

It was time for bed. She wears panties all day but at bed time she has to wear a diaper, she refused to let me put one on her. I told her to either let me put a diaper on her or go to time out. You can see which one she chose lol

My lil man was so tired he had his lil hands like thie watchin dumbo

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

39-49 WOOHOO fixed internet!

My internet has been running a muck! Every time it rains our DSL doesn't work so we switched to Cable internet, besides it being faster it saves us $10 a month! WOOHOO! it only took a good 4 hours to have installed lmao SOOO today I get to play catchup :)

39 Messy face moody girl
moody girl

40 He was tryin SO hard not to laugh!

41 This girl is IN LOVE with hats lately!
lately she is in love with hats :)

42 Hey I'm pregnant! I can eat a batch or two of cookies if I want to HAHAHA

43 I LOVE scented candles!

44 I made this dusty lil guy when I was in high school :p

45 Valentines! I thought of taking a picture of the candle lit dinner I made but I had just taken pics of candles so I went with this instead :D A lil cup'a'love

46 The 15th paying bills FUN! Yes that is a furry orange checkbook cover :p

47 My life-line I feel so naked with out it!

48 my BFF Jenn sent her this book. She ADORES it!

49 I just cleaned up my desktop lmao

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Internet problems

Well with Rain comes internet problems. Apparently California is so UN USE to rain that NOTHING works when it rains. So my internet hasn't been working properly! I am still taking pics, but will wait to try to upload them until i switch from AT&T to Cable :D

Saturday, February 7, 2009

38/365 2.7.09 Cloudy Day

I took this with my Rebel on my way to Rancho this morning :)